Thank you for selling your device to GoGreenGadgets

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Please send your phone to us within 5 days

What you need to do now

Prep it by signing out of your iCloud account

Ensure you know your iCloud details even if you're not sure on how to sign out the iCloud as we can assist you in doing this.

Pack it carefully

We suggest using a padded envelope or anything that protects the device. You don't need to include any accessories.

Post it using any Post Office

Simply show your digital label, you will receive this via email shortly (Check your junk too). They will then attach a label to the package for you so you won't need to print the label.

Send your device off within 48 hours to receive a bonus.

Remember, the sooner you send your device, the sooner you get paid.

We pay on the same day we receive your items. 


If you have any questions about your device / how to send it, email us on


If you have already sent your device off and you have questions, email us on