Selling a device

Our opening hours are as followed;
Monday – Friday : 09:00 AM – 18:00 PM

Good Condition – Your phone would be close to perfect condition with a maximum of 3
minimal scratches/marks.

Poor Condition – Wear and Tear is allowed, multiple scratches / housing marks will be

Faulty Condition – Cracks to screen / back glass, or any specific faults such as camera,
battery and microphone issues.

Please look at the extensive list on our “Terms and Conditions” page for clarification on
which condition your phone will fall under.

We have a minimum battery health requirement of 83% for the phone to come under our
“Good” condition.

If yours is less than the required amount this would fall under the “Faulty” condition.
However if the battery health is the ONLY fault with the device. We would increase the price
from “Faulty” to “Poor”.

If your phone has a cracked screen/ back glass this would usually come under our “faulty”
condition, however if this is ONLY cracked to one side we can increase the price by an extra
20% of the “faulty” price.

We purchase devices that have sign of life, as long as your device makes noise or, has lines
on screen, vibrates or has any sign of life to is we can purchase.

However if your device has Zero sign of life and doesn’t turn on at all, we usually wouldn’t be
able to purchase this device. If you know your icloud details and are able to wipe is via Find
My iPhone, we can offer your a parts price which would differ dependent of the model of
your device.

Unfortunately water damaged we cannot purchase.

The package is Tracked 24 with Royal Mail. Royal Mail should aim to deliver your package
within 24-48 Hours.

If you are going to be upgrading your device within a week, complete the full order now as
this will lock in your quote and prepare everything easier when your device is ready to be
sold. If it is longer than a week, just wait till it gets to only one week before until you receive
your upgrade and complete the full order then.

Unfortunately, no company online can provide a guaranteed quote as all devices will go
through quality control and testing checks. But we always strive to pay the quoted price.

You get paid via Bank Transfer / Paypal. We pay the same day your device arrives into the
office; the whole process should take no longer than 3 working days after postage.

Unfortunately we’re unable to purchase your device if you do not know your icloud details.

To check your iPhones battery health percentage click onto settings, press Battery then
Battery Health and it will be displayed next to Maximum Capacity.

Sending off my device

YES! Postage is completely free and paid by us; this will not cost you a penny.

You should package up your order either yourself at home (make sure it’s fairly protected) or
purchase a padded envelope from the Post office.

Your QR code is unique to you, has your order number & return address so we will know it’s
yours on our systems.

You will be sent a QR Code from Royal Mail which will allow you to take your packaged up
device to the post office, they will scan your QR Code and print off your label for you which
will have your order number on the label. We have also attached a link for a detailed video
for a real life example on the process of sending your device.


To simply remove your iCloud, click onto the Find My iPhone app, and erase + remove the
device you wish to remove.

Yes, your device is fully insured Via Royal Mail.

No we don’t need any of the accessories or the box. If you wish to send these to be recycled
they can be added in.

No, as your QR code is unique to you, has your order number & return address so we will
know it’s yours on our systems.

You should avoid sending your package in a post box as there is no proof of postage. The
best way to send this is in a post office.

Yes, you can, as long as it is packaged up safely.

Yes, If you have forgotten or you cannot do this, not to worry as we will do this for you.

Your QR code is unique to you, has your order number & return address so we will know it’s
yours on our systems.

Please email: sales@gogreengadgets.com
One of the team members will get a new QR code sent over to you.

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